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The most modern production line for dish ends in East- Central Europe

Our company is the initial startup of a new production line for steel tank heads. A set of machines consists of the press with a pressure of 600 tons, which is coupled to manipulator able to operate a steel disc with a weight of up to 9 tons, the whole supplemented by heavy flanging machine that moves on precise saddle. Possibilities of our company have thus been significantly expanded. Today, we are able to make dish ends of a thickness exceeding 35 mm, the diameter of the disc can reach 6400 mm.                                                                                                                                                         We invite you to cooperation

Scientific-Technical Conference "WATER-MAN-ENVIRONMENT"

Participation of our representatives in 13th Scientific-Technical Conference "WATER-MAN-ENVIRONMENT" organized by Discussion Forum of Polish Waterworks which will be held on 19-20 March, 2015 in Lichen Stary near Konin. The Conference will be devoted to selected problems of exploitation in modernized water supply and sewage systems.

WOD-KAN 2015

Preparations for 23rd International Fair of Machines and Devices for Water Supply and Sewage Systems which will be held on 26-28 May in Bydgoszcz, Poland. This year the Fair takes place at "Łuczniczka Hall". We are taking part in this event for the 16th time.

We'll inform you about the number of the stand as soon as we get it from the organizer - Chamber of Commerce "Polish Waterworks" in Bydgoszcz.