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The company KOTŁOREMBUD Sp. j. offers different performance of anticorrosion protection of steel structures coating systems compliant with the PN-EN ISO 12944.

Paint coating protecting begins with removing oils, fats and salt contamination. Processing abrasive blasting is done in a chamber with dimensions of 4.9 m width, length 12m, height 4.2m abrasive to the surface degree and profile in accordance with the required specification of painting and ISO 8501-1 and ISO 8501-2.

Extensive experience of our staff allows you to perform coatings of various steel components, such as steel tanks, containers with the use of the coating system selected in the category of corrosiveness at the construction operation site.

The painting is performed in the chamber painting with dimensions of width 4.9 m, length 12m, height 4.2m. This allows us to corrosion protection oversize equipment for various industries. The company also offers steel blasting with glass microspheres or other abrasive, depending on customer requirements. Finishing the welding process reduces visual imperfections of the structure, resulting in a gain of equal optical effect across the surface. Each treatment process of stainless steel ends with its chemical treatment, so called passivation.

All the anti-corrosion works are confirmed with the performance guarantee.

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