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Production capabilities of our company allow us to provide services in the field of metal forming, machining and metal cutting.

The capabilities of our machine park allow you to:

  • Sheet rolling:
    • on plate roll 3 roll 3150x20mm
    • on plate roll 4 roll 2000x12mm
  • steel sections rolling, hollow sections and tubes
  • tubes bending, bending machine shaft diameters ranging 21,3-114,3mm
  • sheet metal bending on CNC folding press 3000x7mm
  • cutting sheet metal guillotine CNC 3150x16mm
  • press brake
  • welding of carbon steel and austenitic methods:machining by turning, milling and drilling:
    • arc welding
    • automatic submerged arc welding SAW, construction of circular cross-section and girders
    • MAG welding
    • TIG welding
    • welding acetylene - oxygen (only carbon steel)
  • pressing on the eccentric and hydraulic presses up to 100 tons
  • machining by turning, milling and drilling

The company also provides services of cutting steel elements cutting machine plasma and oxygen. We have a modern machine Eckert model Jantar 2. The device is equipped with a table with sectional working area of 3000x10000mm, plus the machine is equipped with a stand used to burn parts of pipes and profiles up to 300mm. The possibility of carbon steel burning for the use of plasma technology is up to 15 mm, while we use oxygen burn, we are able to offer cutting thickness up to 100 mm. The machine also has routing functions plasma. As the company has a large magazine, we burn elements from own material and metal sheets provided by the client.

Our advisors are at your disposal:

Arkadiusz Cichosz

Mobile: +48 600 199 571

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